Michel Ebben Live, 2014
Michel Ebben Live 2013-2017 & Ring of Fire
August 2017

Michel Ebben Live 2013-2017
Michel has been playing live for over more than twenty years now. From small venues to main stages at festivals, mostly solo and other times with his band. Every show is unique; intense and witty, filled with stories, sometimes a joke or a response to what is happening in the moment, in dialogue with the audience. But one thing you can be sure of, you never know what’s about to happen when going to one of Michel’s concerts.

And every now and then the same question keeps coming up: “Is there a live album? Because I would love to hear more...” So here it is! Thirteen songs recorded during solo concerts at different venues throughout the Netherlands over the last five years.

Ring of Fire is the first single, recorded live at RTV Rijnmond during the daily radio show Rijnmond Nu, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Scenes used in this music video are taken from 'The Journey' - an LGBTQI short Film written & directed by Kerri Rose Cecil and winner of the Best Short Video at the Transgender Film Festival 2014 in Germany. Used with kind permission.

Watch the video on YouTube right here!

The album is produced, mixed & mastered by Michel at Tempting Tunes Studios, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

You can buy or listen to the album & single Ring of Fire at all the usual online stores! And there's more! We made a special digital photo album, with lots of live pictures to go alongside the album! Check it out!

Download the digital photo album (PDF).

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Upcoming shows
Find out where Michel is playing near you!

May 21, 2019 | 8.00 pm
Countdown Café (radio)
Amsterdam | NL

Michel Ebben, Lars Bygdén

May 23, 2019 | 8.00 pm
Puur Wit
Witte kerkje
Terheijden | NL

Michel Ebben, Lars Bygdén

May 24, 2019 | 8.30 pm
't Toogenblik
Brussels | BE

Michel Ebben, Lars Bygdén

May 25, 2019 | 8.30 pm
Rietveld Theater
Delft | NL

Michel Ebben, Lars Bygdén & Yurith

May 26, 2019 | 1.30 pm
Waalse kerk
Rotterdam | NL

Michel Ebben, Lars Bygdén & Yurith
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(A Song for) Fall & Darkness
May 2017

(A Song for) Fall & Darkness
(A Song for) Fall & Darkness is a story about opposites; birth & death, happiness & sadness, beginnings & endings, saying goodbye & meeting again. The arrangement is also full of contrasts, using old instruments versus iPad-apps.

The lyrics are in English as well as in French, written by Michel, shortly after hearing the news of Leonard Cohen’s passing, november 2016. Leonard Cohen is one of Michel’s main influences and as a hommage he wrote a song inspired by ‘The Partisan’. The French part is a duet, recorded with the great Elma Plaisier, lead singer of the Dutch band Half Way Station.

The song is accompanied by a short, silent movie Demet and Michel made, during their week long holiday in Normandy. The movie is called ‘à Honfleur’ and features Demet in the role of Emma Marie Rose. (A Song for) Fall & Darkness is released on Ascension Day, May 25 2017, fitting the song’s and movie’s symbolic references. It’s also the first single of Michel’s upcoming album ‘Inertia (Incidental meetings & Other short stories)’, to be released in the fall of 2017.

You can buy the song at the usual online stores or listen to it streaming on Spotify or Apple Music.

Download the artwork (PDF).

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A Letter to Dreamland
December 2016

A Letter to Dreamland
A young boy, after overcoming his fears and doubts, decides to write a letter to his little sister, who is in Dreamland. He wants to tell her about everything that has been going on, since she went away the year before...

A Letter to Dreamland is the second chapter of a sad story that started the weeks before Christmas in 2015:
“In December we said goodbye to our niece, just six years old. After a sickbed of five weeks she died of liver failure. The weeks before, I wrote a song - A Letter from Dreamland • First Snow will fall Tonight - with the hope she would get better soon and be home in time for Christmas! Fate decided otherwise and she passed away the week before Christmas.”

The song is also included on 'Tree of Life', the album by The Ever After Project, all proceeds are donated to the Dutch Liver patients Association (NLV). You can buy the song at the usual online stores or listen to it streaming on Spotify or Apple Music.

Download the artwork (PDF).

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The Ever After Project | Tree of Life
November 2016

Live uit Lloyd 2016
17 songs by 17 artists. Tree of Life is a beautiful compilation released by The Ever After Project. Demet Köysüren (der2run) and Michel asked artists from the Netherlands and abroad to provide a song, especially written for Tree of Life, a rare version of one of their songs or a song that has a special meaning for them.

'With this album we want to celebrate life in general and more specifically, to be grateful for the beautiful moments we all have and see around us, every day again!'
Demet & Michel will donate all proceeds to the Dutch Liver Patients Association (NLV). With The Ever After Project they support various charities by combining the beauty and power of music with a good cause. Tree of Life is released on November 27, 2016 and is for sale at concerts of The Ever After Project, or you can buy and listen to the album at the usual online stores.

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